Fighting For Time
By Cataluna Wakefield

*Note* The Silver Crystal Japanese name--Ginzuishou is used, Sailor Andromida (Mistress of Dead Time) is my own Character, her attacks and transformations are my own too, if you would like to use her, please contact me at

Usagi was excited, she and Mamoru were going to spend the day together at the park's lake.
Setsuna had came an hour ago to pick up Chibi-Usa, they were going to collect Hotaru and then go see the new Sailor V Movie.
Her mum had packed a picnic basket and Mamoru was going to supply a blanket and portable tape player for the music.
   "See you later mother, I'm off to Mamo-chan's place," Usagi called as she slipped on her shoes.
   "Okay Usagi, have fun," Mrs. Tsukino called back from the kitchen.
Usagi left.

Walking down the road, Usagi thought she saw a dark figure of a girl watching her. She stopped and glanced at the side road in the direction of Setsuna's home.
The figure slipped away into the shadows.
She kept on walking.

At the park, Mamoru and Usagi were out on the lake, Mamoru rowed every now and then, then letting the boat drift a bit. Usagi's mind was elsewhere. she wsa trying to think of why the Negaverse was after her and what exactly did they want?
Mamoru tucked a rose behind one of her odangoes, "Usako, what are you thinking about?"
Usagi looked down at her feet, "Mamo-chan, why's the Negavers after me? Why only me?"
Mamoru wanted to give her an answer but he couldn't, he didn't know why either, he only offered what was once said to him. "Usagi, you control Crystal Tokyo, you have all the power."
   "But that Sailor Senshi of the Negaverse---Sailor Andromida, she has hatred toward Sailor Pluto, but I still don't get why she's after me."
Mamoru began rowing back to shore. "Sailor Andromida did say something about time."
Usagi fell quiet.
Mamoru kept rowing.

A harsh shove came to Usagi, making her spill her Chocolate shake over herself and Mamoru. She stood up, ready to yell at whoever or whatever had pushed her.
She swalled her words as she noticed Setsami Meiou.
   "Where's my sister?!" She demanded.
Usagi ducked behind Mamoru. "I don't know."
Setsami came closer, "then I'll have to lure her here."
Mamoru sheilded Usagi.
Setsami reached around Mamoru and snatched Usagi's hand. Usagi held onto Mamoru, her grip slipping, she was yanked from Mamoru's hold.
Setsami had been too strong.
She grabbed the heart locket from Usagi's bow and tried to open it.
   "I want the Ginzuishou from inside. I've seen you with it. You control Crystal Tokyo with it, and those petty Sailor Senshi protectors of yours get their strength from it, with this I can control the Universe and Crystal Tokyo will have the Nega-Senshi to protect it from your Senshi!" She held it up to smash it open on a sharp rock.
Usagi reached up, trying to grab it.
Somehow the locket opened, the Ginzuishou let out its power, transforming Setsami into Mistress of Dead Time and Usagi into Princess Serenity.
The crystal cracked and vanished.

Princess Serenity turned to Mamoru, reaching out toward him, but Mistress of Dead Time quickly found her power from her Garnet Orb. "Dead-Time, Stop!" she cried and used her Orb on Princess Serenity.
Princess Serenity froze in time.
Stunned, Mamoru looked at the Moon Princess.

*     *     *     *     *

Setsuna, Hotaru and Chibi-Usa had been walking back from the Sailor V Movie, they had decided to go get ice-cream then go swimming the park. In the park, they had met up with Michiru playing her violin to Haruka in the cool shade of a tree's shadow.
All five of them had seen what had happened to Usagi.
   "Oh no, my sister is at it again!" Setsuna gasped.
Chibi-Usa looked up at Setsuna, not knowing what she meant, then she followed Setsuna's stare to Setsami holding Princess Serenity captive.
The powered up to Sailor Senshi form.
Moments later the Inner Senshi had arrived.
They ran over to Princess Serenity, Mamoru and Mistress of Dead Time.

   "I am the Mistress of Dead Time, I control the past and lost time, your princess and future queen is in the lost time, and so shall you!" She held up her Orb again, ready to attack.
Mamoru knew that Tuxedo Kamen using his roses would be of no use in this situation, so he transformed into Prince Endymion, he held up his shord and reflect the attack Mistress of Dead Time was letting loose.
All of them were enclosed in a ball of red light, and suspended between Earth and the Negaverse, as if they too were outside of time.
Prince Endymion turned to the Senshi. "We need to get out of here and restore the strength of Princess Serenity to fight this evil."
   "How about using the Ginzuishou? Beside Small Lady and Princess Serenity, you can use it too," Sailor Saturn suggested.
   "No, the Ginzuishou was used by the Negaverse as Princess Serenity grabbed it, the power split, making it crack and vanish. We need something that will act like the Ginzuishou."
Sailor Chibi-Moon thought about using her Ginzuishou, but without Princess Serenity to control it with her she couldn't do it.
   "What about Sailor Senshi Planet Attack?" Sailor Neptune asked.
   "If all our powers are combined we can make a power similar to the Ginzuishou," Sailor Pluto explained.
   "Lets do it!" Sailor Uranus agreed. "Uranus Planet Make-Up!"
The Senshi called their planets, their power glowing around them.
Mistress of Dead Time became angry. "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" She was just about to use her Orb again, when the planet power combined, made Sailor Chibi-Moon's heart Ginzuishou glow and shoot a power out, the Golden Ginzuishou was formed.
It flew to Prince Endymion, who held it over Princess Serenity.
As if awakening from a dream, she began to move.
Prince Endymion gave her the Golden Ginzuishou.
Princess Serenity took the Golden Ginzuishou and cried out: "Cosmic Moon Power Unite!" A power shot out, shattering Mistress of Dead Time's Orb and transforming her back into Sailor Andromida.

Now once again herself, Usagi watched as the Golden Ginzuishou flew to her heart locket and lock itself away. Tuxedo Mask stood beside her.
   "We need Sailor Moon for this one."
   "Right!" Usagi agreed.
Once again the Sailor Senshi combined powers and Usagi held up her heart locket, she became Eternal Sailor Moon.
Sailor Andromida held up her key, spun it around and slammed it down on the ground, "Garnet Orb Hallusination!"
Trees of all sorts started to spring up everywhere.
   "Wait!" Eternal Sailor Moon spoke. "I am Eternal Sailor Moon, I fight for love and justice, champion of all and Senshi of the moon. On behalf of the moon, I will punish you!" She held up a hand and spread her wings, "honeymoon therapy kiss!"
The trees vanished. She was about to turn her power onto Sailor Andromida, when Sailor Pluto appeared next to her.
   "Eternal Sailor Moon, this is my fight. . .I'll fight Sailor Andromida alone."
Eternal Sailor Moon looked at Sailor Pluto and stepped aside.

Strucken by Sailor Pluto deciding to fight her own battle and Eternal Sailor Moon stepping aside for Sailor Pluto to fight, Sailor Andromida was thrown off guard.
Sailor Pluto swung around her key and yelled: "Dark-dome close!"
The time key Sailor Andromida was holding crumbled, she fell to her knees. "Sister, you are worthy of controlling all of time, to be the Senshi of Pluto---you are much stronger than me. I will go back to the Negaverse, never to interfier with time again." She stood.
Sailor Pluto held her key. "Setsami, no---you have proven yourself a good Senshi, but with only knowing hatred, you fight strong for the Negaverse, but it's time you used that strength and power to fight for good and a peaceful future. You can still control you power---the past and lost time, but only if you fight for peace."
Sailor Andromida turned to Eternal Sailor Moon. "Eternal Sailor Moon, you control the Golden Ginzuishou, please help me."
   "Sure," Eternal Sailor Moon held her Golden Ginzuishou up and it's power struck Sailor Andromida.
Sailor Pluto gave her a silver Time Key with a new Orb. "Your strongest power---Mistress of Dead Time will come from the Orb when you need it, your key will help you with your power. And you can still use your transformation pen."
Sailor Andromida nodded, and for the first time in a long time, she hugged her sister. "Thankyou Setsuna," she returned them all to Earth and in the power of her new Orb, she flew off to find her own Senshi team.

Sometime later, she landed in the Nebula Ring. . .but that's another story. . .

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