Reasons Why You Should Join This Fan Club

Reason 1: You should join this club cause then you'll get the totally cool membership card with your member info on it and a picture of your favorite Sailor.

Reason 2: You can be listed on the memberlist where other members can contact you or go to your webpage if you have one.

Reason 3: You can join the fan clubs webring and get the cool little webring fragment for your page if you have one and other members can look at your page.

Reason 4: You get the bi-weekly newsletter filled with pictures, a quiz, latest news on the club and Sailor Moon, and a find it collum where if you want to find a specific Sailor Moon item you can contact our Find-It collumist and she'll find it for you.

Reason 5: Your page can win the Obsessed Sailor Moon Fan Club's Ultimate Site Award or the Artemis's Site of The Week Award and get your page listed in the newsletter.

Reason 6: You can come to The Fan Club's meetings where you can meet other members of the club and discuss the club and Sailor Moon or whatever.