How The Obsessed Sailor Moon Fan Club Came To Be

Well our story started back a few months ago during that wonderful time called summer when their was no school me and Dark Rubeus were always big fans of Sailor Moon in fact you could call us Obsessed since our knowledge about the show was amazing to quote others who have ran into us during our Sailor Moon Trivia contests but of course I was always the better cept when Rubarb *my nickname for him* would pull out his hard questions like name all the Rainbow Crystal carriers in order and the color of their crystal and the one where Luna says something about a purple cockato or something to that affect. But to the point I was better since I knew more about the original version than he did hehehe just kidding Ruabarb, but anyways being so crazy about Sailor Moon we decided to start our own Fan Club since at that time there weren't that many cept for ones who never respond or they take a few weeks. However we wanted one to be diffrent one that takes serious pride in the work we put in this Fan Club we wanted one were if someone joins they become a member that same day so with this utopian Fan Club in mind we set out to start it. We got some of our friends who we meet and became good friends with back in our old days at the old Sailor Moon chat planet room now home to many diffrent people. So we also decided to get some other people to help us make this dream come true so we got our friends Sailor Pluto and Tatsuyo to join since they are the best of friends and love helping out with Fan Club business. So with a decent amount of members we started first the fan club was on my page for a little while for those who signed up then but then we decided to make a page especially for it so this was the result and we added more things to it. Why after the last meeting we had we decided since one of our members in Australia told us that we in the states might not get to see the new episodes of Sailor Moon so we've decided to set out to help us and fans in other countries where Sailor Moon is not shown to get Sailor Moon back for us all. This Ultimate dream we call SOS International we hope to show the progress of Sailor Moon all over the world so if any of you live in countries where Sailor Moon is not shown the please contact us and tell us the situwation the more we know the better. Well I think I've blabbed on long enough and it is getting late *looks at clock* oh no!! 2am I got school tomorrow!! Okay thats it bye bye everyone =)