The Obsessed Sailor Moon Fan Club's Fourth Newsletter
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Yamcha's Quiz (Question & Answers)
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Our comments by:
Artemis's: If I can, I would like the members of the club also to give
me feedback on the letter(s)..., Ie: Which columns did you like?
Well nothing much has happened lately more members have joined as always and a few sites to the ring.Oh and sorry there won't be a fanfic for this week since the writer who wrote the first part of the last newsletter hasn't written a second part yet. At Artemis's request to tell you all that in case you didn't know already I have become the president of DFC which is The Dragon Ball Fan Club and for all you Dragon Ball fans out there here is the address so you can join too  The Home of The DFC
Yamcha's picture of the week
Artemis's picture of the week- Hint take a look at my eyes
101 Uses for Luna P: None yet I need ideas, so please send them in...
Yamcha's Quiz (Answears and Questions)
Opps I just realized that I didn't put any questions in the last newsletter sorry everyone.
1. Who is Pegasis in Sailor Moon SuperS?
2. Who was the villian the Sailor Moon S movie?
3. Who was Lita's best friend?
4. In which episode was the song "Only a Memory Away" played in?
5. What is the best Sailor Moon Fan Club?
send in your answears to me and maybe I'll give ya somethin if you get them all right
Fan fiction- Okay this weeks fan fic is written by members and it is a
part storyhere is part two hope you all like it
Cheryl's find it & Found it Column:
 I have volunteered to help fan club members to locate merchandise that they
want to buy.  Since the last newsletter, here are a few "Found-Its":
Toni42 was looking for Sailor Moon coloring books, and I found them at Moon
Kingdom Products:   <A HREF="">Moon
Kingdom Products Home Page</A>
*Look at numbers 48 and 48-1 on their Sailor Moon list of products.  One costs
$3.50 and the other one costs $2.50.
In addition, I found a website with a free online Sailor Moon Coloring Book!
 <A HREF="">Coloring
Kakarotto requested help in locating the Sailor Moon Playstation games.  I
suggest you look at:
 <A HREF="">The Sailor Moon Super Store</A>
I have a request:  if anyone reading this newsletter is interested in swapping
tapes with other fans, or if you have any other Find-It requests, please send
an e-mail to me at:
The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon (CD-ROM ADVENTURE GAME!)  The opening alone
is worth the price:  virtual reality SM and the Inner Scouts dancing to the
DIC theme song, as Queen Beryl ominously appears as a threat and Tuxedo Mask
is "in the wings" and smells his trademark red rose!  It is good, you will
want to double click the virtual reality game board in the center for a
replay!  The object of the game is to recover the five transformation wands
that were stolen by Beryl.  There are five play areas and a wand is hidden in
each one:  3D Fashion Salon and Fitting Room (where the scouts and Tux pace
the runway and you can coordinate outfits for them, Magical Puzzle Room (like
playing a virtual Rubik's Cube), Crystal Fighting Arena (a  battle game where
you blast away various creatures on several different levels in virtual
settings and my fav!), Galactic Moon Library (an audio/visual mini slide show
for most of the main characters), and Moon Castle TV Show (which contains
beautiful music videos - one for each scout and a special romantic one for
Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask!).  This game is a lot of fun and well worth the
Musical Luna!  This is a deep violet, plush Luna in a prone position.  She is
stretched out in the usual "Cat-Relaxation" pose.  When you pat her back, she
meows several times, then the Sailormoon theme song plays while Luna's head
moves slowly from side to side and she wags her tail!  This is a great
collectible for Sailormoon fans and cat lovers.
Dolls I have never seen before:  Living in the US, I am not very familiar with
the Sailor Moon toys produced by Irwin, but the ones I have are great!  I
especially love the Princess Serena (yes, not called Serenity!) and the Prince
Darien Doll.  The Princess has a satin and lace gown and pearl accessories and
looks beautiful!  Prince Darien has a lavendar tux and it is a very handsome
doll to have in your collection!  Several villain dolls are available, too
(Rubeus and Emerald).  Emerald is a very nicely made doll.  The detail in
assembling the costume is obvious, it is stunning.  On the other hand, the
Wicked Lady (Chibi as the Black Lady) is done well except for the face:  the
eyes and mouth could stand improvement, as the eyes are not outlined and look
unfinished.  In addition, the mouth is such a pale pink, it almost looks like
she has no mouth!  These features are distracting and this doll's excellent
costume gave it the potential to be a sought after collectible.