The Obsessed Sailor Moon Fan Club's Third Newsletter
Yamcha's Picture of the week
Our comments
Artemis's picture of the week
Yamcha's Quiz (Question & Answers)
Fan fiction
Chery;'s Find & Found Column
A Quick Note
Our comments by:
Artemis's: Hello all, I am happy to say that I have added a new spot in
the newsletter!, It's is called: 101 uses for Luna P, the idea behind
this is,
if were Reeny and you were able to use Luna P what would ask for?
Sample: Naoko, herself just think of all the autograghs! It has to be
(PLEASE! no profanity!)
I was visiting the page today and see that Yamcha while taking a break
from the duty of sending out the newsletter that he, himself has been
working diligently on the page I must say that I am impressed with the
look that the memmberslist has and also look forward to see what ever he
does to the others...
In the mean time I would like to hear from you..., if you have any ideas
please feel free to send them to either Yamcha or I so, we can put the
ideas to work to improve the letter...
If I can, I would like the members of the club also to give me feedback
on the letter(s)..., Ie: Which columns did you like?
Yamcha's: Hello all! As you may have noticed I've re-done the members
list page. All I can say is it took a long time and that we have a new addition to the Fan Clubs page I have put up the poll results from when you all joined to see who the most popular Sailor is and so far it appears to be that Sailor Moon herself is with Sailor Jupiter in second place also I am now the Head of Two Fan Clubs now as of today I am the new president of The Dragon Ball Fan Club but don't worry I'll still fufill my duties as president of The Obsessed Sailor Moon Fan Club okay thats it for now =)
As 1997 has come to an end, and we enter into 1998 I would like to
welcome back our members and say hello to the new ones...
Yamcha's picture of the week
This one is for all the Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi Moon Fans Out There =)
Cute aren't they?
Artemis's picture of the week- This is from the episode #149 where Luna
dissapeared for a week, and was found with Yaten (Ithink) of the
while dressed in a dolls outfit & hat. It's kawaii!
Yamcha's Quiz (Answears and Questions)
1. Malachite died after he threw a energy boomerang at Sailor Moon and she hit it back at him with The Crescent Moon Wand and it stabbed him.
2. The Name of the alien in the Sailor Moon R Movie was Fiore
3.  Rei Hino means Guardian of Fire
4. Sailor Pluto saved Neptune and Uranus by using a technique to get their tailsmans out and returning their heart crystals to them so they wouldn't die
5. Ami's friend Greg first appeared in episode 23 Mercury's Mental Match
Fan Fiction
Okay this weeks fan fic is written by members and it is a two part story so the second part will be in the next letter hope you all like it
Cheryl's find it & Found it Column: Hello all, I am sorry that I
couldn't be
here, I had to bring my computer in to the shop for repairs...
So I've asked Artemis to give my regards..., I promise to be bcak soon!
Cheryl P.