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Artemis's picture of the week
Our comments by: Yamcha, Artemis, and Cheryl P.
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Yamcha's Picture of the week
 I like this picture it's hella cool

Artemis's Site of the week
  The MoonLight Knight and Yamcha's New Anime Page
Hey my own page thanks Artemis

Artemis's Picture of the week
Our Comments by: Yamcha, Artemis, and Cheryl
 Artemis: Well, lately from visiting our page I am glad to see that the memberlist is growing slowly , Yeppie!  I would like to conduct a attendance poll..., to those members who get the newsletter, could you please reply to Yamcha so that we can see who is still with us.  Also I have also added a picture of the week. I have decided to post the Site of the Week Award every two weeks I was wondering if any of you were familiar with Diana?, in the picture
of: Luna, Artemis and Diana as humans, can any one tell me why she still has her tail and Artemis and Luna don't? Any way, I'd like to end my comments for the letter with this
reminder... If any one wants to submit a site for my award it has to be Sailor Moon
related, by all means please do! And if any one needs help finding stuff ask Cheryl, I am sure she'd be more than willing to help out! Don't forget we can't put this letter together

Yamcha's: (This is from fan club member Usagi at Usagi's House) I am getting a shipment in (Arty, I hope it's Catnip! hehehe...)of Sailor Moon UFO dolls and maybe I can offer them exclusively to the club before I offer it to anyone else! ^_^ THEY ARE SOOOO COOL!, I have some really rare ones too! ^_^ Show your Obsessed Sailor Moon Fan Club Membership card (E-mail it to me!) to get 5% off your first order for the month of December! You can email Usagi at  Usagi's email

Cheryl P.'s: Sailor Moon was created with variety in mind - - It has humor, drama, irony and many other elements, which I think could classify it as a true "masterpiece". One of it's great strengths lies in the different characterizations (whether students, senshi, royalty, villains,
animal guides or children). One child in particular baffles me - - Chibi-chibi! There are may
legends or explanations on the internet regarding her true identity. Who is she really? Some of the answers offered have been: The true essence of Sailor Moon, The second future daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Edimion, The future daughter of Chibi-usa, and the star seed of
Galaxia! I, Myself have many Japanese fan subbed tapes and recall a scene where-
in Chibi saves her school friend Momo from the evil forces, In the scene in which she uses her powers to save her, Chibi's hair turns dark red/pink the same shade as Chibi-Chibi's hair!, This may or may not be some kind of clue, But I would like to hear some opinions or information from our members of the club
Yamcha's Quiz (Questions and answears)
  The answears from the last newsletter:
    1. Jedite was defeated when Sailor Mars used her Akuryotaisan attack otherwise known as Mars Fireballs Charge.
  2. Mizuno Ami in japanese means friend of water.
 3. Malachite first appears in episode 24
4. Darien breaks up with Serena cause he is getting visions of the future in his head and he thinks if he isn't  with her then she will be okay.
5. Chibi-Usa pulled a gun on Usagi cause she wanted to scare her inot giving her the Imperium Silver Crystal or maboroshi no ginsuishou.
The Questions for this newsletter:
 1. How did Malachite die?
 2. What was the name of the alien in the Sailor Moon R movie?
 3. What does Rei Hino mean in Japanese?
 4. How did Sailor Pluto save Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus from dieing when their heart crystals were taken?
 5. What was the first episode with Ami's friend Greg first appeared in?
The Find it Columm
 I have volunteered to help fan club members to locate merchandise that they want to buy.  Since the last newsletter, here are a few "Found-Its":
Michael wanted to locate "Sailor Mercury dolls that look like her", and I found many   at Beaman Company, thanks to Norman: The Beaman Company 510-438-0202 Beaman Company is in California, and Norman has showings of Japanese episodes of Sailor Moon there!  Lucky fans!  There will be a full page ad about the
Sailor Moon cd rom game (Mixxine) and Norman is friends with the President of
the company that makes it!  I have already ordered one, and it is on it's way
to me as we speak!  Norman will gladly try to locate specific items for fans,
as well.

Sailor V wanted help in locating Sailor Saturn stuff, and the following sites
(which were e-mailed to her) had merchandise available: USAGI'S HOUSE  This site
has a  Saturn dream pocket doll among other smaller items like a keychain.
Heather will gladly help members to find merchandise.  THANK YOU SO MUCH,
HEATHER! SailorMoon from Anime World
Saturn garage kit (beautiful model kit!) here

I received Ami-chan's request for locating the last episode of Sailor Moon.
As she was told via e-mail, a tape containing episodes 196-200 (in raw
Japanese) of Sailor Moon from the following fansub site:
Glenn's Sailor Moon Tapes  Just follow the directions on the page, telling Glenn what tape
you want and mention that selection says Shannon and Roni next to it.

Fansubber VKLL's Home Page  is
currently working on subbing all of the episodes that have not been dubbed.
He has not gotten to the last episode yet.  I have ordered the tapes that are
available at this time, and the quality is excellent!


  The Beaman Company
  Moon Kingdom Products Home Page
  Sailor Moon Superstore


I hope this info is helpful.  :)

Until next time....Cheryl P. (

Fan Fiction
 From now on I'll be putting the fan fiction in a seperate file so it won't take so long just to read this section. Fanfic

A quick note from Artemis: Seeing that Christmas is in two weeks from
last Wednesday there will be no newsletter, It will start again two
after Christmas, To give Yamcha, Cheryl and I a short break...

So without further Adieu from:

President of the Obsessed Sailor Moon Fan Club

Editor in Chief of the Newsletter

Head Reporter of the Newsletter

We'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
See you in January 1998!