The Obsessed Sailor Moon Fan Club's 10th Newsletter!!!!!
1. Yamucha's Picture For This Issue
2. The Fan Club's Award of Creativity
3. Tatsuyo's Picture of This Issue **New**
4. Our Comments
5. Yamucha's Quiz (Q & A)
6. Fan Fics
7. Cheryl's Find it & Found it Columm
8. Cheryl's Moon Beam of The Month Article
9. Cheryl's Merchandise that you might not have
10. Sailor Zen's Anime Review
11. Mako-chan's Columm
12. Sailor Says **New**
13. Heavenshine's Fanfic Review **New**
14. Yamucha's Question Corner **New**
1.Yamucha's Picture of the Week:
2. The Fan Club's Award of Creativity:
Okay this issue's winners are:
For the week of April 13-19
Sailor Pheonix's Spiffy Sailor Moon Stuff
Sailormoon Dream World
And for the week of April 20-26
Hotaru's Sailor Senshi Universe
Sailor Moon's World
3. Tatsuyo's Picture of The Week:
4. Our Comments:
Okay update for this issue we have 400 members in the Fan Club and 54 pages in the webring but some of the pages still don't have the webring html on them so if you have a page in the webring and you didn't get the html for it just e-mail me at:  and I'll send it to ya. Also I would like everyone to welcome three new additions to the Fan Club's newsletter they are; Tatsuyo, Cataluna, and Heavenshine. Tatsuyo will be having his own picture of the week, Cataluna who is part of the SOS Team will have a columm with the latest news on Sailor Moon and Heavenshine will be reviewing Sailor Moon fanfics on the net. Anyways some other news starting next month the fanclub will be moving to a new server at  so the page will have awhole new look and new additions which should be pretty cool. Also after the move is complete our first contest will finnally begin!! So stay tune for details :)
Since this is our 10th newsletter I wanted to add as much as possible so we have two fanfics instead of one and ten questions in the Quiz. Okay one more thing there will be a meeting of the Fan Club on saturday May 9 on both icq and in the parachat on the Fan Club's page starting at 3pm (Pacific time) and ends whenever :)
A great newsletter with lots of views and fun things and those who have Cartoon Network on cable and not getting Sailor Moon on it, ring the cable company and bug them!
5. Yamucha's Quiz (Q & A):
1. How many youmas did Jadite use in the short time that he fought agianst the Sailors?
There where seven youmas
2. What are the names of the monsters who fought agianst the Sailors in Day of Destiny?
The Doom and Bloom Girls
3. How many times did Serena use the Luna Pen in the first season?
About six times
4. How many think that Zosite does look like a girl despite the fact that in the japanese version it's a he?
Well since no one said anything about this I'll just say that yeah Zoisite does look like a girl
5. What is the one transformatio when Usagi uses the pen that the NA version cut?
The time where she transformed into a rocker type chick with long green hair
Okay since this is the 10th issue we've decided to have 10 questions instead of five so enjoy!
1. In the first epsiode of R what does Serena blame her dream on?
2. What is the name of the episode that the Moon Light Knight appear in?
3. Who is the star in "Kindergarten Chaos"?
4. Where did Luna and Artemis find the entrance to the Negaverse?
5. What are the original names of the Ayakashi sisters?
6.Which Sailor Moon series has the most episodes?
7. What was the name of the villian in the Sailor Moon SuperS Movie?
8. What was the name of the fairy who helped ChibiUsa in the Sailor Moon SuperS Movie?
9. In which episode of Sailor Moon Sailor StarS does Seiya gets a pie smashed in his face by ChibiChibi?
10. Who is Chibi-Chibi? **Both manga and anime version apply**
6. Fan Fics:
Okay this issue we have two fanfics the first is done by Ukyo ½
 Sailor Mars vs. Goku (In Which Hope is Everything)
and the second part of last issue's story written by Cataluna:
 MoonLight Densetsu
7. Cheryl's Find it & Found it Columm:
I have volunteered to help fan club members to locate merchandise that they
want to buy. Since the last newsletter, here are a few "Found-Its"
This time around, Heavenshine wanted to find some particular manga series.
She will be able to surf these great web sites:
1.  The Place one great store!  Not only do they have lots of manga, they also
let you have the option of ordering Japanese Manga or English-Translated
Manga!   In addition, you can find great Sailormoon and Dragon Ball
merchandise there.
The Place:
The Place is not just for manga - - - they also have a variety of anime tapes,
cds, laser discs, and many other items reflecting the pop culture of Asia.
Check it out for some interesting browsing.
2.  The second site I would recommend for manga is:
Greentea Agency:
(Thanks, Jesse, for telling me about this vendor a while ago!)
This looks like one of the best sources for new and also some used manga!
Almost any manga request could be filled here, and very happily I might add!
Some of the great offerings are as low as $4 each!  Enjoy browsing!
3.  Although the prices are higher than Greentea's, I feel inclined to mention
the following site in case you can't find your heart's desire anywhere else:
Hitokiri Bathow-Sai no Manga Service:
This online store cuts you a break when you order in quantity.  Many popular
series are listed, but the author asks you send requests for any manga you
don't see on his list because he is only showing you a small sample of what he
actually offers.  This might be a good place to inquire about some very hard
to find or rare manga, eh?
Hope this is helpful!
Please send your Found-It Requests to:
Cheryl P.
8. Cheryl's Moon Beam of The Month Article:
by Cheryl P.
For each issue of the newsletter I will present at least one MOON BEAM - a web
site suggested for your surfing pleasure. For this issue, I highly recommend:
For issue #10, I have found two unique web sites:
Many of you cruise through some choice anime pages via the Anime Turnpike.  I
think that you are also likely to bookmark this web site:
This is a fun page with links to info on some of my second favorite series
(Key the Metal Idol and Devil Hunter Yohko - - - Sailormoon will always remain
my all-time fav).  There are pages describing: the Laws of Anime; What Is
Anime?; History of Anime; What Is Manga?; You Are An Otaku If; and many
Let me warn you ahead of time - - - when you read some of these pages, you
will find it very hard to stop laughing!  The info is clever and fun to read.
One of my fav links is Anime Sayings, in which some odd/humorous quotes from
specific series are found.
I love the way the entire web site is put together, and surfing here can give
you so much useful knowledge and so many laughs at the same time!
My second "must see" is:
Yuu Watase's Fushigi Yuugi:
This has my vote for one of the most charming and entertaining Fushigi Yuugi
web sites you will find.  The sound file on the main page is so pretty that
you will enjoy surfing there even if you are reading about Fushigi Yuugi for
the first time.  Also, I love the option of choosing to surf in English or in
Chinese so that the author can reach more fans (very thoughtful!).
The author has a very brief but excellent summary of the storyline and main
characters.  Just enough is mentioned to give you an idea of what the story is
about, but the summary will not spoil any of the surprise twists in this
There are links to a Juke Box page, a page with info about the OAVs, a
gallery, and much more.  One unique feature was a link to see what the
characters think of themselves.  Another was a page with a clever game (not a
computer animated game but an illusion to decipher - - - thank goodness the
answer was linked to the page!).
I have recently enjoyed watching this entire series and will start to watch it
all over again very soon!  I am choosy about my anime, and I don't feel that
way too often about a show.   Enjoy!
9. Cheryl's Merchandise that you might not have:
by Cheryl P.
I was recently lucky enough to find a really first-rate comic
book/collectibles shop in Negajersey (heh heh heh) and was "over the Moon"
(pardon the pun) to find genuine Japanese Sailormoon merchandise!  There was
not much available at that time, but the clerk assured me that the Sailormoon
merchandise sold out quickly and the owner of the store stocked a variety of
I was amazed to see a pink box with a familiar face staring out of the
cellophane window - Sailor Mercury (spelled as Sailormercury on the package).
Afraid to ask the price, I got my nerve up and was told "$18"!  Considering
the back of the figure was stamped "1993", that was more than reasonable!  I
looked closely at the figure of Sailormercury.  It was only about four inches
tall, but it was perfectly detailed.  The facial expression, as well as her
pose, really captured the spirit and personality of Mercury.  What appeared to
be a trading card next to the figure was actually a stand on which she is to
be displayed.  The package cleared stated that it was a Bandai product, not
one of the copies of Sailor Moon figures which, I have heard, can be found
There was another Petite Figure, of Sailormars, on the check-out counter.  I
was fascinated that you could see details such as the bow on the back of her
senshi uniform under her flowing hair!  What a beautifully executed figure!
On close inspection, I noticed that the figure was also hand-painted.  This
was a plus, considering all of the times I resisted buying a figure because I
dreaded the task of painting it.
I have read about Excellent Petite Figures, but would have gotten some long
ago if I had known how well made they are and how closely they resemble the
anime versions of our favorite team.  They would be a highlight of anyone's
10. Sailor Zen's Anime Review:
Sailor Zen's Anime Review
Volume 4
       Hi! Welcome to another installment of my Anime Review. In this installment I will review volume four of Oh! My Goddess (We are almost done with this one! only one more volume!) Well, for those of you who haven't read my article (shame on you) Oh! My Goddess is about a college freshman at Necomi Tech. who one day while dialing out for dinner got connected to the Goddess Help line! The rest is anime history. Well here is an update for
those of you who missed the last installment:  K now has a new member of his household, Belldandy's little sister Skuld! Who by the way supposedly hates Keiichi's guts (This episode proves different) And now on with today's story!
Weird things are happening, snow in summer only at the temple, strange bugs appearing all of a sudden, and they all the weird things happen as soon as Bell and K are together. Skuld soon finds out the source of the problem, whenever Keiichi and Belldandy gfet together, a warp hole opens and bugs escape, causing trouble. Belldandy and Keiichi are forbidden by Skuld to be near each other, which causes conflict and heart break for both Belldandy and Keiichi. What will happen to Belldandy and Keiichi? Can Skuld and Urd figure out a solution?
 And what is that tree? Find out in the next volume of Oh! My Goddess. Make sure not to miss this series!
11. Mako-chan's Columm:
OK, here it is, my second article:  Mako's Pointless Paragraph      Serena, Amy Anderson, Raye Hino, Lita and Mina as opposed to Tsukino Usagi, Mizuno Ami, Hino Rei, Kino Makoto, and Aino Minako?  What was D.I.C. thinking?!  I mean, not only do the Japanese names sound better, but the one that stayed the same (Rei) had a prettier spelling in Japanese.  At least the Japanese names have meaning.  The D.I.C. Sailor Scouts don't even all have last names!  I know the show was aimed at little kids, even if that made sense, the names aren't that hard to say!  And why is it that  D.I.C. Sailor Moon is aimed at little kids?  How could they take such a beautiful cartoon and censor it down so much that anti pages were created, based on this adaption!  So the poll of the week could have many options, but I'll go with my first thought: What names are better, the Japanese or English? E-mail your vote to . I hope it isn't too corny!
12. Sailor Says **New**:
 Sailor Says
13. Heavenshine's Fanfic Review **New**:
Hi, everyone! *s*  I'm Dara, a.k.a. Heavenshine, and this is my first
column for the Newsletter.  I am going to review Sailormoon fanfiction
to benefit your reading pleasure.  As we all know, many people have at
one point or another written a story based on our beloved show.  Which
is cool, because that's a way of expressing one's devotion/love to this
great show.  Y'know, it's mind-boggling to think about the vast choices
available to you!  For example, some fics include new characters, while
others take place in an alternate time frame.  Heck, I even read a story
that was all about *writing* a good Sailormoon story!  (And it was
actually quite amusing.  ^^) Unfortunately, only a handful of stories
out there are truly worth reading.
Now, just to let you know, I'm not using this column to vent.  I will
*never* put an author down, or rant about how awful so-and-so's fanfic
is.  That's callous, and quite simply, mean.  It is my mission to tell
you about the really great stories, the ones that make you laugh out
loud, or cry in sorrow.  So, with that said, on with the show!  For this
edition, I would like to bring to your attention three (not so short)
stories by the talented minds of Jackie Chiang, Richard Lawrence, and
Pandora Waldron (respectively).  And, quite conveniently, all of these
stories can be found in my
 Fanfiction Archive
"Insanity at a Glance" is Chiang's tale about a certain Aino Minako, and
the events that lead up to, and occur after, her stay at a mental
institution.  To be fair, this story is not for the faint of heart, and
quite possibly not for most Sailorvenus fans, because Minako is cast in
the unpleasant role of a psychopath.  When I read this story, I went
through a gamut of emotions: pity, horror, and anger I remember most
vividly.  Minako suffers a heart-wrenchingly traumatic experience, but
she is unable to cope with her loss.  Enter madness, as she twists the
event to her own purposes, with rather bloody results.  This is a
suspense/slasher tale at its best, and it will leave you shaking, and
asking, as Minako does
"Urges" is Lawrence's story about Mizuno Ami before she moved to Tokyo.
And, no, the title does not imply anything ecchi, for those of you who
might be thinking that way. :p Quite the contrary, in fact.  This is a
masterful weaving between the fantasy world that goes on inside Ami's
head,  and the constraining reality she lives in.  I think this is a
story most of us can relate to: the *urge* to mingle with other people,
tell off the peers who make fun of us, defy controlling parents, and
just scream and act silly and be free.  Ami desires all of this;
however, she feels unable to break the mold that she's been placed in,
that of a bookish, shy (and to her mother, obedient) genius--but the
shell is starting to crack.  We dart back and forth between how Ami
wants to react to the situation presented her, and how she really
handles it, until finally the threshhold is crossed with an interesting
resolution.  I really liked "Urges"!  I am not a big fan of Mizuno
Ami/Sailormercury, but Lawrence presents her in such an appealing--and
empathic-- manner that I couldn't "put it down", so to speak. ^^ A must
I love all of Pandora Waldron's works, but "Queen of Diamonds" is an
especially favorite piece of mine.  Why?  There are so many reasons, but
the main one is that Mamoru is written as an *actual human being* for
once.  Have you ever noticed that in most fanfiction he is treated
either as "Usagi's soulmate", or "Tuxedo Kamen", but he doesn't have
much personality beyond those two traits?  Well, he does now!  This
story takes place during the SMR season of the manga, and is about a
disturbingly life-like dream Mamoru has concerning Prince Dimando and
Neo Queen Serenity, and his reaction to it.  This is a killer story, and
I wish that I could begin to write about it in as many glowing and
illlustrative terms as the other two.  But I am about to be kicked off
the computer, so it's best that I wrap this up!
Well, this was pretty fun, and I look forward to writing again next
time.  I hope you'll bear with me!  Until then, read all the cool
fanfiction out there that you can, and if you have any suggestions for a
fanfic that I should review, e-mail me at , with Fanfic
in the subject.  But I must ask you not to suggest your own work, for
practical reasons.  Okay?  Good!  Bye now--and keep reading!
14. Yamucha's Question Corner **New**:
Okay in this new section I will be asking members of the fan club about what they think of the OSMFC and Sailor Moon in general:
Cataluna says:
"Oh I love Sailor Moon even doing something to show my appreiciation of it! The fan club is very informative, I mean a newsletter given out, chats (though sometimes get out of hand and off the topic) but great with contacting other Moonies ^_^ a bit like SOS only informal."
Twinks says:
"I think the fan club is a great idea!!  We should have more meetings/get togethers and activities, for the members though.  It might make it more original, you know what i mean? =)  And I think Sailor Moon is the only show in the world able to bring so many people together.. people of all cultures, and ages.. even gender has a limited role in the love for it.  It doesn't matter who you are.  If you have any sort of sense to watch it, you can find an element in the story to your liking and enjoy it for what it is."
Dippy® says:
"I think that well, the FanClub is awesome.  And Sailor Moon is very neat and interesting."
Ukyo ½ says:
"Hmm....The fanclub is well organized <not like SOME fanclubs I'm in>
the newletters are fun to read, it's one of the best clubs I've seen! And I'm not pulling your leg!  I becuase it's a super hero cartoon for females..not like Batman and Spider man etc.
well known comedy, not too serious <what I like>
and carfree like...a show for allll ages
it's very helpful as it teaches about respect and care in some ways."
Iron Mouse says:
"Hehehe i love sailor moon.. you really have to ask this? hehehe and the fan club so far is the best ive seen, well you know how there are alot of clubs and mailing lists, and they say they are gonna send all this stuf.. and they never get around to it? well i like the way this club doesnt do that, but they dont send way to much either. "
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