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Fan Fiction:
 This week's Fan fic story is written by our own Editor of the newsletter Artemis hope you all like it
I'm including the fanfic in a seperate text file. Fan Fic

Yamcha's Picture of the Week:
 I really like this picture real good artwork =)

 Artemis: Well a few days ago I was chatting with Yamcha in ICQ, he was telling me about that it seems that all our VI members are dissapeering , but on the good side he is happy that most of us have ICQ now either due to his bugging or for other reasons, anyways I am glad myself to say that I am enjoying ICQ as equaly as Yamcha..., Anyway my final word this letter is that I hope  there will be a good turnout at the meeting this saturday on ICQ.
  This is just a little something extra we threw in just for the fun of it hope you have fun trying to figure out the answears they will be posted in the next newsletter.

   1.In the manga of Sailor Moon how was Jedite defeated?
   2.What does Mizuno Ami mean in Japanese?
   3.In what episode does Malachite first appear in?
   4.Why does Darien break up with Serena in the R series?
   5. Why did Chibi-Usa pull a gun on Usagi when she first appeared?
  Well the Fan Club now has over 60 members and still growing the webring has 13 sites in it and 19 members have ICQ now. There will be a meeting on Saturday for those who can make it, it will mainly be about the SOS International project which has started to take shape so come if you want to help Sailor Moon around the world. The meeting will be on ICQ all day saturday pretty much so for those of you who don't have ICQ and want to come to the meeting message me and I'll send ICQ to you. Also the third issue of the mixxzine magazine has come out this week for those of you who don't know what mixxzine is it's a company that translates the Sailor Moon comic along with other Japanese series like Magic Knight Rayearth, Ice Blade, and Parasyte. The third issue of the Sailor Moon comic is the first apperance of Rei Hino aka Sailor Mars and is way diffrent from the anime series but you'll have to find out for yourself since I don't want to spoil it for you. Well thats all the news for now untill next time see ya.
Find-It Columm:
   You know there is Sailor Moon merchandise out there:  shirts, slippers, soundtracks, cards, books, etc. You may even be lucky enough to locate something you have wanted for a long time, but this doesn't happen very often.
 If there is something  you haven't been able to track down, I will now scour the internet to find it for you. There will be no obligation on your part, I am doing this as a free service from one Obsessed Sailor Moon Fan to another. I will let you know that I have located the item you are looking for and also tell you how to contact the vendor. In most cases I will be able to supply you with additional information, such as the price and manufactuer of the item.

Please send any requests to The Fan Club's Find It Columm
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