The Obsessed Sailor Moon Fan Club Update News

Hello everyone this is the update section for the fan club so you know what the latest up to date happenings are in the club.
October 28, 1997
Well today with help from some of the members that now we will have our own newsletter and that two of the members of the club are now in charge of it and the newsletter will also include a Sailor Moon Fanfiction story written by the writters. Also I have decided that we should have a meeting this sometime soon in the chat room so that we can all discuss the Fan Club so tell me if your interested in that and one more last thing I'm thinking of getting a webring for the club for members with webpages so if anyone wants this to happen let me know okay and if any of you want to contribute to the Club please let me know okay. Well thats it for now bye bye everyone =)
November 4, 1997
Well the Fan Club's webring is up so for those of you who have webpages can join the webring and the new improved membership card is out so email me the pres. so you can get one. Okay thats it for now bye everyone
November 8, 1997
Well I was a bit dissapointed by the meeting last night but It was sort of my fault since I kept getting knocked offline and missed most of the meeting so I think we should have another meeting sometime soon and also the new membership cards now have your favorite sailor on it cool huh? Well thats it for now see ya
November 11, 1997
Well the Fan Club now has it own button to display on your webpages and the newsletter is now set to come out on a bi-weekly basis the fist official issue should come out the week of Thanksgiving hopefully and the meeting will be this weekend most likely Saturday in the early evening all VI members must attend. Okay thats it for now see ya
November 15, 1997
Well the meeting today went pretty good cept that everyone was having problems cause of chat planet so we dumped the idea of having meetings on chat planet and are now using icq so for you members who don't have icq ask me and i'll send you the program okay thats it for now
November 22, 1997
Well Thanksgiving vacation is almost here and we now have over 50 members and Artemis the 2nd Editor of The Newsletter has told me he has picked the site for his site of the week award. We now have 8 sites in the webring all of which are excellent and a good amount of members now have icq please remeber that we now have meetings in icq since chat planet is unreliable and oh one last thing I belive our next meeting will be sometime next weekend probably saturday everyone is welcome to come we'll mainly be talking about getting the SOS International page up and running. Well thats all for now see ya
December 13, 1997
Well the VI members of the club have decided that this page is a useless since we keep you all updated with the latest news in the newsletter so this page is now a Sailor Moon picture gallery enjoy